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Title Deed is the legal document that determines the absolute ownership of the property acquired in Turkey.

After the conclusion of the purchase and sale contract and the fulfillment of all necessary procedures to start the processing of the real estate, the agency delivers the power of attorney and documents received from the customer to the  Land Registry and Cadastre Directorate  . (  ) the city and district where the real estate was purchased.

The only official government agency that carries out and supervises the paperwork for purchasing real estate in Turkey is the Cadastre and Land Registry Office. This organization is the state guarantor of the legality and transparency of a transaction.

When positive responses are received from the relevant inspection bodies for foreign citizens, the Buyer receives the official document confirming that the transfer of the Title Deed from the seller to the new owner has been carried out.

It takes 1-3 days to register and receive the Title Deed, Title Deed and Deed for a foreign citizen. The general rule  of purchasing is that the purchase price must be paid in full when the buyer receives the Tapu Tapu. One or more natural or legal persons may own real estate.

What kind of data is indicated in the Land Registry?

4- Location
7-Number of zoning parcels
8-Real estate type*
9-Total zoning area
11-Property type**
12-Cadastral Value
13-Purpose of the real estate
14-Land share of the owner
17-Apartment number
18-Former owner and reason for the deed transfer***
19-Real estate owner
20-Date Deed transfer (Deed registration)
21-Cadastral registration number
22-Register of the Head of the Land Registry or the signature of the person authorized to sign on his behalf.

*  There are three main types of real estate:  Land  ,  Residential Real Estate  ,  Commercial Real Estate  .

**  FLOOR OWNERSHIP  refers to the ownership of the real estate rights on the land and the completed residence built on it.

**  FLOOR EASEMENT  refers to the ownership of real estate rights on the land and the ongoing residential properties built on it.

**  TIME MULK  means that the owner purchases the right to use the property (a type of timeshare) for only a short period of time in a year.

***  One reason for the transfer of title  may be as follows: sale (including use of mortgage), inheritance, gift and others.

The deed can be in two different colors, red and blue. The Owner receives the Red Deed  upon completion of a project and receipt of a completion report  . This is the ownership of residential property, an apartment, a villa or commercial property. The Blue  Deed  is given to the owner of the vacant land.

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