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Purchasing Procedure for Real Estate Buyers in Turkey

Property Inspection trip

Before you come to Turkey for a Home For You viewing trip, we recommend that you visit your bank and learn about all the financing options available to buy your dream home in the Turkish Riviera, Aegean Region or Istanbul.

Home For You Company organizes individual viewing trips tailored to our clients’ needs and preferences.

Signing the sales contract

When you decide to buy a property in Turkey  , we will prepare the purchase and sale contract. The contract contains all the necessary information about the real estate agent, the buyer, the property features and the property financing.

The payment schedule depends on the type of property and the agreement with the developer/owner. The general rule of purchasing is that the purchase price must be paid in full when the buyer receives the Tapu Tapu.

Power of attorney

To make your job easier as the buyer, we recommend that you provide us with  a notarized power of attorney  . In this way, you can act on your behalf and sign all the necessary documents for the purchase, title deed registration, water and electricity meters, etc. on your behalf.

A sworn  translator at the notary  public will translate the written text of the power of attorney into your language for you. If there is more than one recipient, each name and personal signature must be on the paper.

Tax number / Bank account

 Our staff will assist you with all practical matters such as obtaining a tax number  and  opening a personal bank account in a Turkish bank .

Deed (Deed)

After all necessary procedures for the transfer of ownership process are completed, all necessary documents are  submitted to the Land Registry  and  Cadastre Office of the city and district where the property was acquired. Registration and receipt of the Title Deed for a foreign citizen takes 1-3 days.

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