Resıdence Permıt In Turkey

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Obtaining and renewing residence permits in Turkey  .

Buying a property in Turkey entitles  its owner to a residence permit, which can be extended if needed  .

The first degree family (mother and father) of the direct owner of the immovable, their children and spouses who have not yet reached the age of majority can obtain a residence permit.

As of April 2015,   an appointment must be made on the website of the Immigration Administration  to submit documents for a residence permit based on owning real estate  .

To do this, you need to prepare and scan the following documents  :

  • Health insurance in Turkey (Private health insurance must cover the stipulated residence permit period);
  • TCIP policy – ​​compulsory property insurance against earthquakes  ;
  • A statement from a Turkish  bank  on account availability for $500 per person per month. In other words, in order to obtain a one-year residence permit, a person must have at least $6,000 in a Turkish bank account. It is also possible to deposit an equivalent amount in Euro or Turkish Lira;
  • 4 biometric photos  ;
  • Deed (Deed)  ;
  • A new quote from the Land Registry Office that the residence still belongs to you  ;
  • Your foreign passport  (pages with your photo and identity information, pages where your last entry to the country is registered);
  • Turkish tax  number

After collecting and scanning all the necessary documents,  you need to fill out the form on the website

You are responsible for paying the residence permit and document fees to the tax office  , the cost depends on your nationality and the duration of the residence permit. You must attach the fee payment receipts to the application documents.

 After completing the questionnaire, the system will ask you to choose a date and time to come to the Immigration Office with the originals of the documents, the TAPU and foreign passport photocopies  . When you get there, don’t forget to print out the questionnaire and take the appointment confirmation page with you.

The residence permit will be sent by post to the specified residence address within a month or two. If you are not at home, you can get your permit from the main post office.

Collecting the necessary documents can sometimes cause difficulties for a foreign citizen, the employees of our company will help you solve this problem.

We will prepare all the necessary forms and applications, assist in obtaining certification from local government agencies and organizations, and consult with you on how to fill out the questionnaire correctly.

Home For You years of business experience allows us to save our customers’ time. We guarantee high quality and timely execution of our work!

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